Sunday, October 22, 2006

Proposal Draft

New Identity of Taiwanese people

A Discussion between the influences of Ethnicity and Politic
Constance F.C. Yeh
Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages

Within Taiwan, two major national identity ideologies are prevailed. One considers Taiwan as a part of “China” and its people as being “Chinese”, while the other declares Taiwan as a sovereign nation-state with a separate “Taiwanese” identity. Thus, discussing nations or presenting one’s own national identity is not only
Socio-politically controversial in Taiwan, but also proves personally complex for individual. But is identity only effecedt by the politics influences? Or there are others influences, such as ethnicity of each individual? This discussion, after a literal analysis, I will be using surveys to analysis different group in age, ethnic and political stander. Then, base on the result, I will then discuss about whether political stands influence more or ethnicity.


At 2:02 AM, Blogger Taiwan NewTruth said...

Different people in Taiwan have different ideas on the proper direction for national development. Some advocate Taiwan independence, and some advocate unification with the PRC. Are these different viewpoints based on political leanings or ethnicity?

In reality, the current problems which Taiwan faces in the international community are caused by one fact: the "Republic of China" is not recognized as the legal government of either China or Taiwan.

This is somewhat easier to understand if you do a review Taiwanese history and legal developments from 1945 to the present. See --

Also see --

So, in summary we can see that the Republic of China is a government in exile, and should have left Taiwan (or been disbanded) after the post-war peace treaty came into effect in 1952. This is the real cause of 99% of Taiwan's problems in the current era.


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