Sunday, November 26, 2006

People use “Global Village” to describe the effect of fast growing internet and communication tools, which influence people on their logical thinking, and way of communication with each others. In linguistic theory, we assumed that people who live in same village will use same language. But, we are now living in Global Village; the “Internet Language” will be used to communicate.
While communicating through the internet, people are not able to see or hear others on the other side of screen, so they tend to communicate through texts. With bilingual or multilingual ability, especially students of English Department here in Taiwan, they tend to code-mix CIL with English on the internet. What is the specific characteristic of Chinese Internet Language? What are the functions and ideologies for people to practice CM in between English and CIL. How these usages impact on formal use of language in life of students of English Department?
Topics like code-mixing between English and Chinese languages are widely studied in the linguistic field, however, not many research studied on Chinese Internet Language, and how they can CM with English. Through out this Cross-Linguistic challenge on the internet and linguistic field, it is necessary to find out how bilingual/multilingual internet user, especially in English-Chinese, involved in Linguistic, Social Linguistic and Psycho Linguistic; which is how to use it, why to use it and the processes of using it.